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Our Story

Our story, which started in London in 2020 continues with the successful services we provide to many sectors and our experienced, dynamic team.

Our Team

Seda Alpkaya, CCXP


Founder, Voxal Consulting UK​
Internationally Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)​

24 Years of Customer Experience Experience

Gökhan Kara, CCXP

Senior CX Advisor

Turkey's first internationally certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)

10+ years of customer experience management/consultancy in 3 different sectors

Our Approach

Voxal Consulting's approach comes from being a dynamic, flexible and adaptable company with different perspectives and different industry experiences, including automotive, telecommunications, banking, retail, and this DNA means the company has a keen eye for spotting emerging trends to stay at the forefront. 

Us in Numbers

510 Hours

Trainings in 2023


Keynotes Speech in 2023

1000+ Individuals

CX and Design Thinking Trainings in 2023

HBR CX Submit

Events in 2023

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